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 "Nostalgic, wistful, perfect."

--The Wall Street Journal


 "...The look simply cannot be improved upon. Only Super 8 could have captured this sunny, uninhibited day in all its glistening fleshtones and glittering sun-dapples the way McCluskey and his friends remember it."

--The Missoula Independent, Montana


"McCluskey succeeds in reviving not just the look of something warm and long gone, but something that feels daring and innocent at the same time."

-- Denton Record-Chronicle, Texas


"The film succeeds wildly in its goal of creating an idyllic scene and infusing it with nostalgia."

--Short of the Week


"40 of the best adventure films ever made including...a nostalgic, sepia-toned playback of a hot skinny-dipping day dubbed Summer Snapshot."

-- Colorado Daily, Boulder, CO





Pre-release review

 "The film is detached from time the way memory so often is, with the audio and video coming together and splitting apart throughout. It captures both the specific expereinces of real people and abstract experience of a generation."

--Curt Ellis, filmmaker, KING CORN, TRUCK FARM

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